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Digital Certificate Backup - Export/ Import your Digital Certificate

Your Digital Certificate and the corresponding private key are installed in your browser. If the browser or the machine is formatted or re-installed, your private key and the Certificate will be deleted. The private key cannot be recovered and you cannot digitally sign the mails/ messages and read encrypted mails/ messages. In this case, you need to get a new Digital Certificate.

To avoid this scenario, you can backup your private key and Digital Certificate. Once backed up, your private key and Digital Certificate can be recovered in IE (5.0 and above) and Netscape (4.7 and above) browser in any machine.

Download User Guide  718 K

Sending Digitally Signed Mail

You can use your Digital Certificate to digitally sign any S/MIME compliant email client. Digitally signing the mail authenticates your identity and enables the receiver to ensure that the mail has come from you only. It also ensures that the content of the mail is not tampered in the transit and the mail received by the receiver is the same what you have sent.

Download User Guide for Outlook Express  596 K

Download User Guide for Microsoft Outlook 2000   521 K

Download User Guide for Microsoft Outlook XP   551 K

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