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Digital Certificate Enrollment Procedure
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Step-2: Send us your Supporting Documents

For a Class-3 certificate, you will need to submit supporting documents required for verification of your personal and/or organization credentials. This is an extremely important part of the enrollment procedure and your certificate will only be issued upon successful receipt and verification of these documents. In order to complete Step-2, you need to do the following:

  • Download and fill the Certificate Request form (as defined in Schedule IV of Information Technology Act, 2000).
  • The Certificate Request form also contains a checklist of supporting documents required for validation. You need to send physical copies of the completed and signed certificate request form and supporting validation documents at the earliest to the address mentioned in the form. This is mandatory to process and legalize your certificate request.
Your application will be considered complete once you submit the online request and the request form and all supporting documents required for verification of your request.

While your application is under review, you will receive automated e-mail updates on the status of your application. Notifications will be sent informing you of the following:
  • Receipt of your Online Request: This is sent immediately upon successful online enrollment.
  • Generation of your Certificate: This is sent once your request and documents are verified and your certificate is generated.
  • Rejection of your Certificate Request: If your request is rejected for any reason, you will be intimated of the same.
Note: You can always login to your user account and perform Step-3 in the Certificate Management Center to know the status of your application.

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