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Digital Certificate Enrollment Procedure
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Step-1: Submit your Online Request

In order to apply for a Digital Certificate, you will need to complete an online enrollment form and generate a cryptographic key pair on your machine or Smart Card / USB Token. Go to Step-1 or click the Enroll link at the top of the page to generate your Certificate Request.


Read the Enrollment Checklist carefully

Ensure that all the system requirements are fulfilled before proceeding.


Complete the Certificate Enrollment form

    1. Certificate Class = Class 2 Certificate
    2. Certificate Type = Signing Certificate (Single Key Pair)
    3. Do you have a certificate request already generated? = No


    4. Enter the contents of your Digital Certificate

         Enter all your personal/organization details exactly as you would like them to appear on          your certificate.Please note that once your request is generated, these details cannot be          changed.
         Given the legal significance of digital certificates, please ensure that all information          provided is factually correct.
                Common Name = Full Name of the applicant (Example - Anish K. Srivastava)
                E-mail Address = Your E-mail Address (Example -
                Organization = Organization Name (Example - Tata Consultancy Services)
                Organization Unit = Organization Unit/Division (Example - Marketing Division)
                Locality/ City = (Example - Mumbai)
                State = (Example - Maharashtra)
  • It is extremely important that you provide a valid e-mail address during enrollment. All correspondence related to your Digital Certificate, including your Authentication PIN (required for downloading your certificate), will be sent to this address. Entering an invalid/incorrect e-mail address will result in failure to download your certificate.
  • If you plan to use your certificate for digitally signing e-mails, please ensure that the e-mail address you provide here matches with the e-mail address that you plan to use for sending signed messages.


    5. Select Cryptographic Service Provider = Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider

         Note: The Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) is the software that generates the          cryptographic keys for your digital certificate. These keys form the basis of your digital         identity and will be used for digital signing and encryption operations.

        The Indian IT Act stipulates that you use 1024 bit length keys. In case your browser does          not support 1024 bit keys, your browser has to be updated with the relevant patches.

         At this point, please review all entries in the online form. If everything is correct, click          Generate Request to generate your Certificate Request.

        On successful completion of Certificate request and key pair generation, you will be         issued a Request Number.


Print this Certificate Enrollment Form / Letter of Authority and send a duly signed copy to the SCS Corporate Solutions India Pvt Ltd - Registration Authority Click here for our contact details.

Note: If you do not have a printer attached to the system, save the Certificate Enrollment Form by clicking the Save button.

To process and legalize your Certificate Request you need to send the signed copy of your Certificate Enrollment Form to the SCS Corporate Solutions India Pvt Ltd - Registration Authority.

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