Personal Certificates |   Class-2
Digital Certificate Enrollment Procedure
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Certificate enrollment procedure for a New User

You need to register for a user account and then perform Steps 1 to 3 to complete the certificate enrollment procedure. At the end of Step 3, you can start using your digital certificate.

Note: You must have a valid e-mail address. (If you do not have a valid e-mail address, please create one before registering or applying for a Digital Certificate.) The Digital Certificate issued to an email address cannot be used with any other email address.

If you have already created your User Account, click here to login and proceed directly to Step-1 of the enrollment process. Otherwise, please register as described below.

Registration : Register for your User Account

Register yourself with the SCS Corporate Solutions India Pvt Ltd - Registration AuthorityClick here to Register.

On clicking the above link, the TCS-CA Digital Certificate Registration page will open in a new window.
Complete the Registration process by filling the form.


  • Enter your Name, Email, preferred User ID & Password
  • Ensure that you remember the User ID & Password as you will need this information to access your account
  • Type of User This maybe Individual, Company or Government, depending on the entity for which a certificate is needed. The verification procedure (and supporting documents required) will be different for each.
  • Registration Authority This is the office through which you are applying for a digital certificate. In your case, it is SCS Corporate Solutions India Pvt Ltd - Registration Authority
Note: Remember your UserID and Password for accessing your Personalized Certificate Management Center.

On successful registration, you will be redirected to your Personalized Certificate Management Center.

Go to Step 1 to start the certificate enrollment process.


Click here to Register Goto Step-1