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Digital Certificate Enrollment Procedure
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Step-3: Download your Certificate

When your Certificate is generated, you will receive an email notification informing you of the same. This email will also contain your Authentication PIN. In order to download your certificate, please do the following:

Important Note:

  • Download the Digital Certificate on the same machine where you have generated the Certificate request and the key pair
  • Download the Digital Certificate on the same browser (Such as Internet Explorer, Netscape) where you have generated the Certificate request and the key pair
  • Download by logging in to the machine as the same computer account (Such as Administrator, Guest) as while generating the Certificate request and the key pair

  • Login to your user account. Click here to go to the Member Login page.
  • Go to Step-4 in the Certificate Management Center. Alternately, you can also click the View Status link.
  • You should be able to see your request status details. Click the Request Number hyperlink to download your certificate.


  • You will be prompted to enter your Authentication PIN. Please enter the PIN that was emailed to you.


    Note:You will not be able to download your certificate without the Authentication PIN. So please ensure that you enter a valid email ID during certificate enrollment.

    If you have not received your Authentication PIN, please do the following:

    • Go to View Status and check the status of your certificate request.
    • If the status says Request Pending at RA Office or Request Pending at CA Office, it means that your certificate request is still being processed. Please contact your RA Administrator to find out whether all your documents (as per the checklist in Step-2) have been received. If any documents are pending, please send these to SCS Corporate Solutions India Private Limited Kerala - Registration Authority immediately so that your certificate can be generated.
    • If the status says Certificate Generated, please contact your RA office and inform them of the same.
      Note: In case you provided an invalid/incorrect Email ID at the time of enrollment, you will need to repeat the enrollment process. This is because your Email ID is part of the information displayed in your digital certificate and it needs to be verified just like all your other credentials before your certificate can be issued.

Click the Download button to download and install the Certificate.


Once the certificate is downloaded, you will see the following confirmation.


At this point, your certificate has been successfully downloaded onto your machine or Smart Card / USB Token.

Click here to download the certificate trust chain.
Click here to learn how to backup you certificate.